Monday, April 28, 2008

April 26 wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch

This weekend we headed up to Tabernash, just north of Winter Park, to photograph Nikki and Nate's wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch. The ranch's tagline is '5000 acres of raw Colorado' -- it is absolutely gorgeous with all the mountains, streams, horseback riding and trails a person could want. The lodge and accommodations are not exactly 'roughing it' though!

We drove up through Berthoud Pass--in a heavy, accumulating spring snow all the way up the pass and all the way down. Thank goodness for 4x4! As we neared the wedding site, the sun broke loose and treated us to these incredible vistas:





The ranch is rustic but nicely upscale and very classy in a Colorado sort of way.


We found Nikki and her family getting ready in one of the cabins tucked away in the nearby woods. Her gown looked stunning against the wood decor:


And Nate was stylin' in blue:


Nate went to Jared.


Nikki's parents run Home Style Bakery in Grand Junction so we were treated to this yummy multi-layered table of frosted perfection:


Nate all choked up seeing his bride for the first time:


And finally some time together, happily married!






And having fun Image Factory style!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

even better...

After my post below about the water bottle labels I received some requests for some umm...'alternative' IF-branded beverages. So here you go...some tasty draught stout.

Friday, April 25, 2008

high end H2O!

Just having some fun with these new labels we can print. About the size of a business card and perfect for our own bottled water. We'll have some chilled and waiting for your next visit ;)

This would be a great product for wine bottle thank yous or fun party favors, only about $1 each.

We're off to shoot a fun wedding in the mountains this weekend, referred by two of our beautiful, happy & easy-going brides from last year. We can't wait to hang out with everyone again!


Monday, April 14, 2008

DeAnna's stunning new business portrait

I couldn't just get a new business portrait without taking care of DeAnna too. After all, she is THE face and voice of Image Factory! This is the face behind the lovely voice that answers our phones, sends most of our e-mails, gameplans with our brides, giving them awesome ideas and helping them with their wedding day timelines and just generally keeps Tim in line!

Congrats on your great new image DeAnna, you look hot!



Saturday, April 5, 2008

spring in the mountains

We were at Garden of the Gods this morning for a portrait session and I frequently run up to the Mesa Road overlook where you get these postcard views...what an incredible view. Funny to think this is our city park. We feel so blessed to live here!