Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 3 wedding at The Pinery

Our wedding season started quite early this year with a wintry snowy day that turned out just perfect.

We caught up with the bride and her bridesmaids a Innovations Salon in Monument.

The salon had some cute artwork on the walls:


And the flower girls were getting into the royal treatment!




The bride's dog looked a little dejected...she didn't get to be part of the festivities and this was one of the few moments she wasn't almost getting stepped on by all the traffic going through the house!


Time to get ready!





Now off to the Pinery for an intimate chapel wedding and elegant reception:




The reception hall was gorgeous and artfully lit, even sporting a cool snowflake ice sculpture!





Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sunrise on a New Year

Happy New Year all! 2008 closed with such a bang that we know 2009 is going to be even better. I recently spoke with a peer in the business who was letting the doom and gloom of the daily news get her down. I shared with her my great enthusiasm for this year and how our businesses are so different than the ones you hear about crumbling on the evening news. We are so much more personable, customized, fun and close to our clients that it's often more like spending time with friends you know and trust than it is 'getting your pictures taken'.

I'm so optimistic too because every day our circle of friends grows and each time this means a former bride practically dragging her newly engaged friend to our doorstep or families telling their friends where they just HAVE to go for their session...or even someone uncomfortable with having their pictures made saying 'go to Image Factory' they'll make it easy and fun.

For this we owe our clients great gratitude and we can't wait to serve you and your friends this year. Thanks for already making 2009 a great year!