Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A-List voting

We're getting lots of inquiries as to how we did with the Denver A-List voting for best wedding photographer. We've been promised results on Friday 10/3 and we'll let you know when we find out!

Thanks everyone for your vote and the amazing testimonials. Almost every single wedding we've photographed this year has come from someone knowing us already through your referrals and telling your friends that 'you just have to go with Image Factory'! Yay!

Quite frankly we're honored at just being nominated. We can't wait to share more great pictures with you -- we're wrapping up some to display from 2 weddings this last weekend and will post more soon!

-Tim & DeAnna

Sunday, September 21, 2008

baby pictures!

Lately we've had our hands extra-full with baby pictures. It must be in the air! We've had several great sessions recently and I've really enjoyed doing some lifestyle portraiture -- babies with their mommies at the house and in the backyard, etc. Here's one of a few that we'll show some pictures from. Baby Grayson was only a few weeks old in these and I think it's a great time. It's really important to get the 'brand new' baby pictures as quick as you can...they start changing fast!







Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vote for Image Factory - Denver's A-List!

Hi everybody -- it's the final week to vote for Image Factory on Denver's A-List and we need your vote to help put us over the top! It's a tight race and we're in the elite few at the top of the pile. If you haven't taken time to vote yet, please vote now. Don't forget...if you voted last year, that's old news...this is a brand new contest and we'd truly appreciate your vote again! If you've already voted...thank you! Be sure all your friends and family vote too...Friday, September 19 is the last day!

Just in case you missed it, once again Image Factory has been nominated as one of the best photographers in the Denver area!

To cast your vote for Image Factory Photography, log on to Denver's A-List here and vote! (Be sure to watch for the confirmation e-mail to confirm your vote too, otherwise it won’t count.)

We're so happy to have wonderful clients like you -- 2008 has truly been a spectacular year for us and the vast majority of our business has come from word of mouth. The A-list is a great way to continue to spread that word of mouth and leave a few comments about your experience with us. Thank you for making Image Factory #1!

-Tim & DeAnna


(719) 219-9791

Best of Denver's 7 A-List Nominated: Best Photographer in Denver



Monday, September 15, 2008

September 13 wedding at Village Seven Presbyterian

It seems that our weddings take us to Denver more often than not so this weekend's wedding at Village Seven Presbyterian and a reception finishing up only miles from our house was a real treat!

We knew it was going to be a great day when we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow on Pike's Peak:


The rain of the last few days gave way to a beautiful sunny day and it was one of those perfect Colorado September days -- somewhat crisp yet just enough sun to keep you from getting cold. We caught up with the groom at his mom's house, very proud that he'd remembered his black socks! Hey, we guys have to start with the little victories ;)


With perfect blue skies and purple mountains in the background, we headed to the church to get ready.


The bride had picked colored vests for the groomsmen and each of them matched a bridesmaid's dress:



The bride chose to meet us at the church too so with the men being the early arrivers, we got to spend some extra time with them and make some fun portraits. The bride's father was also one of the groomsmen and had been reading a book all morning so we didn't make him stop for these portraits ;)


Some multi-colored bouquets for the ladies:



The stained-glass cross at Village Seven Presbyterian is beautiful...it's also huge!


The ceremony ended just in time to give us some great light out on the church grounds for the newlywed portraits:


It's also hard to go wrong with this for a background!


I liked how the light made the side of the church look like it was floating in the clouds...


Off to the reception at the bride's parents' back yard. where we had a great time...and the treat of the night was the cake which was made by the bride herself, a talented cake baker!


And that's it! We'll have more when they get back from the honeymoon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Morning!

I looked out of my window this morning to a beautiful sight -- snow on Pike's Peak for the first time this season! It's always very inspiring since fall and winter here are so wonderful, plus it means ski season is just around the corner (less than 2 months 'til opening day!)

We're off to shoot a wedding this afternoon in Colorado Springs so we're thankful along with the families that the rain has stopped and God has left us such a beautiful day. Can't wait to get going!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

cute baby portraits!

The week before last I had the chance to make brand new baby Grayson's portraits at his house with mom & dad. It was so fun to do 'lifestyle' portraits -- in his own environment, diapers & bottle nearby and to see him cuddled up with mom, the family dog, on the bed, etc. It was an extremely relaxed and fun session.


We're making some terrific-looking announcements and put together a little slideshow too. Check it out but be sure to turn up the speakers and grab some Kleenex!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

McCain-Palin rally in Colorado Springs

Only a couple days off the RNC, John McCain and Sarah Palin made one of their very first campaign stops in good ol' Colorao Springs. Seeing a once in a lifetime (ok...well, once every 4-8 years) opportunity, I obtained a ticket (but no press pass, darnit) and headed to the airport for the show.

The day started slow...I had to walk for blocks to get to the back of a line going back the way I just came...but everything went smoothly.


We even had some protesters to entertain along the way:


I was not prepared for the size of the crowd at all...news reports say 13,000 were in attendance, I'd say we had that easily.



The organizers passed out flags which made for some great color:



You can see the Colorado Springs Gazette photographer in the background of this shot and his version of it ran in the online edition of the paper today: http://www.gazette.com/articles/colorado_40263___article.html/springs_crowd.html Just for the record, I saw the shot first...he stole my idea ;)


We had the eye in the sky -- Colorado Springs finest watching from the rooftop. Hey...I think he's looking right at me!!!


Some clever signs:



Creative, but wouldn't Sarah have to be president for Trig to be the first baby? Maybe they're planning ahead. This crowd definitely had some Palin fans...my best laugh of the day was when the emcee asked 'who would you rather be in a foxhole with...bullets whizzing overhead...McCain or Obama?...a few in the crowd shouted 'Palin! She's a better shot!'...ha.


Anyway...with at least 13,000 people on hand, and all of them seemed to be in front of me ... I was pretty happy to get a few reasonably decent pictures of the stars of the show:






After a long wait, we heard some short speeches and they were whisked away to the waiting plane. Yes that is John McCain in the Suburban...



That's all folks! Back to awesome wedding & kid's portraits next!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

engagement session in downtown Denver

Last week we dodged the DNC traffic and side street parties to find some intimate urban settings for Lindsey & Oren's engagement session. These guys were a lot of fun -- romantic, relaxed, loose and definitely in love. I can't wait for the wedding next month!