Wednesday, September 21, 2011

now that's a group photograph! - Denver event photography


Earlier this summer we were asked to create a large group photograph for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers as they visited Denver for their conference. With a group of nearly 300, and the client requring a strong vertical orientation on the photograph to match the magazine layout with an outdoor theme, we had our work cut out for us! Unfortunately we couldn't move the group's schedule or location to allow for a Colorado mountain background (the sun would have been in their eyes at 8am!) so we opted for the gorgeous green Inverness Golf Course at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center.

With the sun behind everyone, we had to light the enormous group. Our assistant Gary set up two large portable monolights on 12' stands with 6' diameter photo umbrellas to spread the light. Talk about putting a sail in the wind! These umbrellas swayed back and forth but held firm to the ground for us. Tim ascended 20' in a scissor lift and bellowed out his instructions to the crowd, keeping them attentive and somewhat entertained for the whole shoot.

We photographed the image just a little wider than you see below so the graphic designers would have room for their logo and cropping as needed. The 12 megapixel image worked great for publication resolution.

Ultimately we conducted some minor post-processing artwork to replace a couple faces who were blinking or looking away with a great face and send the final product to our client within two days so they could meet their publishing deadline!

It's always fun to see the final product come together in the final published copy and rewarding after all the work that goes into making an image like this.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 4 wedding at Glen Eyrie Castle - Colorado Springs wedding photographer

Late summer and fall are always just perfect for weddings at Glen Eyrie Castle -- from the great temperature to the sun gleaming through leaves getting ready to turn, Heather and Tyler's wedding this last Sunday was no exception.

It's not uncommon to see bighorn sheep grazing in the canyon or even on the lawn in front of the castle, we saw both this time!


New, seasonal flowers at the castle entrance.



The aspen trees are just about ready to go gold...


Here's Heather smoothing out her dress in the spacious bridal suite upstairs:


Fun bright shoes to match the flowergirl's dress:


A gorgeous Tiger Lily and Cali Lily bouquet from Bella Studios


Finishing touches on the dress:


Heather looking stunning in the bridal suite -- I love the window light in here, it's so flattering to the brides and her eyes are amazing!



Some last moments with dad...


Relaxed portraits with Tyler. Like many guys, Tyler hadn't exactly been looking to the portraits all week but we made them quick, easy and very relaxed so Tyler looked great!


The guys on the march. Little ringbearer Logan was into this!


A pretty ceremony in the Great Hall. Heather's lantern decor was a unique accent:





The ringbearer and flowergirl dutifully followed the newlyweds out of the hall and around the corner, hahah!



Another perfect day at the Castle!



Heather and Tyler didn't see each other before the ceremony so we made sure to have a private newlywed portrait session after the ceremony:








One of the prettiest wedding cakes we've ever seen from Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery!


Heather & Tyler's grand entrance for an intimate reception on the terrace in perfect Colorado weather:


Heather and Tyler had a storybook getaway with bubbles and a horse-drawn carriage from Olson Carriage & Harness:




Here are some of the great wedding professionals who made this day turn out great:

Glen Eyrie Castle (and a special goodbye to wedding coordinator Eara who will be leaving Glen Eyrie later this month. We'll miss you Eara!)

Bella Studios

Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery

Olson Carriage

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