Monday, March 31, 2008

Stars of Tomorrow

This weekend we took a break from weddings and did something a bit different. We photographed the Castle Rock Kiwanis 'Stars of Tomorrow' talent competition at Castle View High School. These 19 acts of elementary through high school age performers were really great to watch. Their talent and enthusiasm were amazing and most of them were straight 'A' students on top of it all! The Kiwanis and show sponsors set up over $4,000 in college scholarship money for winners of the competition so this was a very serious night!

We were allowed free reign to photograph during the dress rehearsal and we definitely used this freedom. We made over 3,000 images from the various acts and posted the best pictures in a private web gallery for the performers and their families. (If you were at the show you were given our card with access instructions printed on the back.) We even had inquiries about using images for album covers and modeling portfolios…wow, these really are the 'stars of tomorrow'. We'll be watching for their rise to fame!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my fancy new headshot

Last week when I was in Las Vegas for WPPI, I ran into famed Orange County photographer, Becker. He gave a quick clinic on his headshot style and proceeded to photograph everyone there.


While we were shooting we started goofing off and when he told me to sit back down for more pictures I stuck my tongue out at him. Now not only do I have a great new headshot but I made the collage on his blog...haha!

Picture 1.jpg

photos by

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen indeed! Happy Easter to everyone from Image Factory!

-Tim & DeAnna


Saturday, March 22, 2008

"mom...he's trying to eat me!"

If you think photographing a bouncy 2 year old is fun, try having a 9-month old little brother thrown into the mix. I had a blast chasing Rachel and Matthew all over the studio and the park for their session. Mom is going to make a really great photo book from the pictures...can't wait!


say hi to Avery!

We had a chance to photograph brand new baby Avery the other night and we tried something a little different with dad in the picture. I think it turned out adorable -- it really shows the father-daughter relationship.

We'll post a few more after mom & dad get first crack at seeing them!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Colorado Springs photography social

DeAnna and I are proud to kick off a social for local photographers and aspiring professionals. When we lived in Atlanta we did this and it was such a great experience, being able to talk shop, learn from one another, blow off steam, show off our work and equipment, etc. It seems like everyone benefits from these. We've been wanting to get it started in Colorado Springs for years now and just have always put it to the back burner until last month when we decided we just had to stop procrastinating and make it happen -- especially before 2008 gets away from us.

So... tonight we'll be meeting at Chili's in Monument (Jackson Creek shopping center) at 6:00pm. If you're a local photographer or aspiring professional, please join us!

Monday, March 17, 2008

last day in Vegas

It's my last day in Las Vegas. WPPI is really just getting cranked up -- it started mid-last week and goes through the end of this week. As predicted, my brain is full....very full. 4 days of intense learning, networking, trade show shopping and just generally being away from home have convinced me that the length of my trip was just right. Here are some highlights from today:


Sunrise over the strip as I head in.


Time for the trade show -- here is my favorite toy on display - the Nikon D3. Normally $5000, today I can buy it for only $4974...a whoppping $26 savings!


In case you're more of a Canon person, you can watch the master Denis Reggie at the Canon booth.


Denver photographer Grant Oakes showing off his new web site company, Tafota.


The Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel.


California photographer Becker came out to visit and show of some portrait techniques.



Even though Canon spent $287 million developing the finely crafted vertical grip in the EOS 1D Mk III, Becker eschews it and demonstrates his patented grip technique. ;)


Becker's a little confused about Flat Stanley but some 1st grader has got a great photo for their project now!


Becker demonstrates his self-portrait style. I demonstrate that I can stick my tongue out too ;)

Ok...heading home now!

We have some cute kids sessions this week so baby and kids photos coming soon!

random brides & grooms

I've found my second calling just in case the wedding photography business doesn't work out in Colorado. I was at the 'welcome to Vegas' sign, waiting to take a picture of a friend when these newlyweds arrived, sans photographer. I was happy to fill in for them (guys next time give me a little more notice and I'll bring my good gear!) and e-mail the picture to them. Not long after that a group of spring breakers had me photograph them and then 2 more wedding parties arrived! Guys - this time it's free, but like I said, if the wedding photography gig in Colorado doesn't work, I'm coming back and setting up shop - De will be running the credit cards right there on site! haha!

Oh, and here's me showing the proper pose:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

from WPPI

Things are going great at the WPPI convention here in Las Vegas. I'm running into all sorts of creative minds and learning so much! I've run into photographers from South Africa, the Philippines and even good old Colorado Springs! This is the Paris and Bally's hotel where the convention is taking place.

The famous Bellagio fountain show. Too bad there is so much construction going on that the sky is littered with cranes...oh well, I guess I'll have to come back next year ;)

This guy had quite the surprise - he's one of those roving 'can I take your picture for $20?' Vegas photographers. When he hit us up -- a whole table of photographers, all armed with their cameras....he was quite taken back! I love his look - it's like a guy with a .22 pistol trying to hold up a gun store! ;)
(just kidding we were nice to him)

Great marketing idea...we'll get our own in-studio DJ like this clothing store did!

Friday, March 14, 2008

heading to Vegas for WPPI

Early this morning I hit DIA for my flight to Las Vegas. I'm heading to the annual wedding & portrait photographers' convention to hone my skills, keep up on new styles and trends and hopefully connect with a few photographers across the country that I correspond with.

The sunrise was beautiful today but this light only lasted a minute or so.

Isn't this great! Not only chargers for your laptop but for your phone and iPod too now!

For $100 I can teach you how to photograph your own plane taking off like I did....
Just kidding, I've already landed and this is one of the planes flying over the strip.

I'm excited to be here for the learning opportunities but Las Vegas doesn't do much for me. I'm not a gambler and Vegas has always seemed a bit dirty. Anyway, I found the In & Out Burger so everything's good now!

I'm heading off to some classes already tonight but I imagine I'll have some time to photograph all the lights and glitz later on. See you soon!

spending time with the masters

In my ever-continuing quest for more photography knowledge, I went up to Denver last night to see legendary photographer Ed Pierce and local superstar Sandy Puc. It was a good, intense 4 hours of learning and I can't wait to try out some of the things I've learned (but I still have my WPPI conferences this weekend first!).

Ed ended with an emotional appeal for photographers to donate their time and talent to - an infant bereavement photography service for babies who pass away soon after birth. Wow...very heavy stuff, I'm not sure I could do it.

Ed demonstrating his techniques.

Of course Ed couldn't leave without getting a picture with me! Will you stop stalking me now please Ed? ;)
Photo by David Cartwright, Spartan Images

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congratulations Todd!

My buddy Todd in Nebraska just received a very special recognition from the Nebraska National Guard for his 'welcome home troops' photography. This is a fantastic illustration of how great America is -- the brave men & women of the armed services protecting us and the appreciation that everyone showed to them upon their return.

Check out the big new cast ;) from the Lincoln, NE TV station:

and the post on Todd's blog:

Picture 1.jpg

are gas prices really *this* bad?


Studio note-
Tim will be out of town for a few days to visit WPPI -- the huge wedding and portrait photographers' convention in Las Vegas. Poor DeAnna has to stay at home this year and answer the phones so don't hesitate to call if you need anything...she might be lonely!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcoming home the troops...

Last night I was invited to a great photographers' social at the Christian Photographers Guild. I got a chance to meet some great local photographers as well as some aspiring artists. We had a good time talking shop but the topic of how to give back to our community came up.

One of the first things that came to mind was a project that my good friend Todd Rundstrom did in Nebraska by photographing soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He and other local photographers went to the homecoming ceremonies and photographed all the happy faces and tearful reunions and then gave the pictures to the families as their gift in thanks for their sacrifice.

We've talked about doing the same thing in Colorado Springs, perhaps at Fort Carson. We're just at the beginning phases so we really need some help from anyone who knows when the next group of returning troops is coming back and how we can get on base to make these photographs.

I've linked to some of Todd's blog posts below to give an idea of what we're after. If anyone out there has information on this at Fort Carson, please drop an e-mail to or call the studio at (719) 219-9791. Thanks!

Here is what we're talking about...(let me clarify, this is NOT my work -- it's what we want to replicate here in Colorado Springs)

Picture 1.jpg

Monday, March 10, 2008

say hello to baby Jeremiah!

Jeremiah was only 8 days old when he dragged his mommy and daddy back into the studio for another portrait session but he heard how much fun his mommy had at her maternity session last week and couldn't wait to be an Image Factory superstar himself!

Check out Jeremiah's session here:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Our studio phone number is (719) 219-9791. This is the same number for several years now.

Just in case you're still using our really old studio number (770) 719-3378, please delete it from your contact list...we'll be disconnecting it soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

billboard humor

I caught this on the way home from my portrait session last night....good humor!


PS - I photographed a live proposal last night!!! It went great and we have some awesome images...I'll post shortly after the bride-to-be gets a chance to tell all her friends & family first!